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AFTER DARK Cinematic Set Design For Film

Christopher Rosewarne
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In the film industry creating a set environment is one of the basic essentials of concept art, in this tutorial I walk you through in real time how I go about designing an interior hospital space with a strong visual 80's horror narrative paying special homage to Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining", with its dramatic and un-nerving long corridor shots.

In this tutorial I demonstrate the power of using components within SketchUp to make short work of the modeling and the advantage using a modular design to create a kit of parts for customising the layout of your set very quickly. This will provide allot of coverage within the set from various angles and allow us to generate multiple concept production keyframes, I create nine in this tutorial.

Topics Covered

  • Visual research 
  • Modeling sets in SketchUp
  • Power of components
  • Modeling Props
  • Dressing a set & visual storytelling
  • Lighting, texturing & rendering in Keyshot
  • Composing a cinematic shot
  • Photoshop adjustments and corrections


  • Video files
  • Original SketchUp set model
  • Keyshot file
  • 9 Layered Photoshop PSD files
  • Photo reference files
  • Texture files


This tutorial is aimed at beginners to intermediate users of SketchUp

I use SketchUp Pro in this demo but it can all be done with the free version.

Plugins Used: Round Corner, Add Centerpoint and Joint Push Pull. Plugins can easily be installed from

About me

I'm a concept artist and designer with over 14 years of experience in the film industry. 

Recent projects include Dune, Star Wars, Mission ImpossibleGuardians Of The Galaxy, Spectre, Skyfall and many more.

My Internet Movie Database page


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AFTER DARK Cinematic Set Design For Film

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